Installation of cable accessories at Usti Nad Labem (Czech Republic)


Our com­pany was entrusted with high-voltage cablein­stal­la­tion works in Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic.
Project: R110kV Ústí n/L Střed,

Investor: CEZ Distribuce, a.s.
Customer: Pfisterer AG
Location: Usti Nad Labem

MiKoMi Ltd. made the installation works of the following 110kV products on site:

24 pieces

cable-terminations type PFISTERER ESS.123

18 pieces

straight joints type PFISTERER MSA 123.DO.S

18 pieces

crossbond joints Type PFISTERER MSA 123.XL.G

4 pieces

crossbond boxes type EM.LB.U.CB.3SA