Installation of Pfisterer Connex Gr4. pluggable bushing GYSEV (Körmend)


Translocation of 120kV cable at Andor u. (Budapest)


MiKoMi Ltd. transported the HV cables and accessories that were necessary.

Connection in Mercedes car-factory (Kecskemét) between 120kV SF6 GIS and transformers (work inside the factory)


Our firm entered successfully also for deliver of HV cable between 120kV GIS and transformers inside the factory.

MiKoMi Ltd. entered for successfully in Kecskemét (Mercedes Project)


MiKoMi Ltd. entered successfully for the project “Products for the cable connection of the Kecskemét Daimler 120/20kV substation”, that was entered by EDF-DÉMÁSZ corporation.